yoga study guide

Yoga Study Guide

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Why learn Yoga with TutorNinjas?

Do you suffer from stress or backpain? Have you considered yoga for physical and mental well-being?We have highly experienced yoga instructors and teachers that can guide you on different types of yoga to help build flexibility in your body so that you achieve a healthy physical and mental state.

Learning yoga for the first time can feel slightly strange, as it is like learning a new language. Yoga is a gentle and playful way to build strength and overall health and wellbeing. The more you practice and the more classes you take with our Yoga tutors, the more comfortable you will become, and it will essentially become a form of physical meditation, part of your daily routine. The focus on breathing can help you to be more clear-headed, calm and energised after a yoga class, which in turn can increase productivity at work or education.

There are a variety of yoga poses and exercise to learnto learn, including the warripr II pose, used to restore strength and balance to the shoulder muscles as well as the Butterfly Posture (Baddha Konasana) a good way to stretch your inner thighs and hips.

To get started on your yoga journey, book a free class with one of our tutors and follow these instructions to prepare for your first class;

It’s important to be comfortable while practicing yoga, so consider having the following:

  • Have comfortable, stretchy clothes.This could be breathable shirt/ sportswear and sweatpants.
  • Yoga mat/towel. If it’s your first class, before deciding to invest in a mat you could easily use the floor or a towel instead.
  • Towel. Practicing yoga increases heat in the body to avoid injury, which inevitably means there will be sweat!

Don’t fret if you find it difficult, our yoga tutors will provide step by step and easy to follow instructions tailored to your needs.

All you will require is a stable broadband connection and a video sharing platform such as the one offered byTutorNinjas.

The camera on your device should be placed at a distance, aimed at what you are doing–that way, the yogatutor can view your progress and ensure you are following the exercise correctly.

Download the Tutor Ninjas Yoga Guide Here