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Where to find the best maths and physics tutors online

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Find Online Maths and Physics Tutors

You might be looking online for a maths or a physics tutor, and a simple search will present an overabundance of options. 

It’s confusing, isn’t it? 

Everyone says that they’ll help boost your grades, get you through school – heck, some of them even promise that you’ll be able to split the atom at the end of it all. 

It’s a  little exhausting, and we think that it should be simple to find the best maths and physics tutors online. So we put together a short TutorNinjas guide, explaining what to expect from a tutor, and what they can expect from you. 

Do you even know what makes a GREAT maths and physics tutor? And does online learning lend itself to one-to-one tuition?

You might have these questions and more. Well, look no further: this article is going to explore what you can expect from maths and physics tutors online, what you should look for, and how to find them in a crowded marketplace. 

What should I look for in a maths and physics tutor?

Any tutor worth their salt will be a qualified teacher or an experienced expert (preferably both!). However, tutors who have worked in Further Education (post-16-year-old) may not have a PGCE (the standard teaching qualification), but they will have a teaching qualification of some kind. 

Either way, experience is often more important than qualifications, so look for a tutor with lots of teaching experience under their belt. 

They should have a clear working understanding of your school or college syllabus and will be able to break complex concepts into easily digestible nuggets of information; breaking down complicated stuff into a learning plan that gets results.  

Why would I need help?

Both maths and physics can be tricky subjects. There are formulas and sequences and equations and experiential findings. And, sometimes, classroom teaching just doesn’t cater to everyone’s learning style.


Regardless of the level, sometimes you find that you get left behind in the classroom. 

You might feel embarrassed to ask questions in front of the rest of the class, or maybe you don’t get on with your teacher, and you’d rather not spend extra time at the end of the lesson with them. Or perhaps you feel that they’re too busy for additional help. 

How can a maths and physics tutor help me?

Whatever the reason, maths and physics tutors online or in person are a great way to address YOUR needs. They can help you achieve your goals; whether that’s GCSE, A-level, foundation degree, undergrad or post-graduate level. 

One-to-one learning is about YOU – not the entire class. A classroom teacher needs to teach normatively – that means they have to differentiate their teaching style to accommodate everyone in the room.

 And – inevitably – (just like Goldilocks!), some people find the pace too fast. And others find it too slow. 

And they get left behind.

Learning styles

Sometimes we learn through structured discussion, and this is one way that online learning has a major advantage over classroom learning. 

In a classroom of thirty, discussions are noisy and difficult to control, whereas one-to-one learning is the perfect environment for discussion. 

While your tutor explains, you can interrupt with questions without disturbing the rest of the class. 

You ask questions when you need to, and you listen when you need to. YOU control the pace of the learning because you’re the only one there. 

It’s a great way to learn, and online is the perfect environment to connect you with great maths and physics tutors. 

Preparing for the first meeting

One of the most important aspects of your learning journey is to understand WHAT you need to know. There’s nothing more demotivating than sitting in a classroom feeling like you’re the only one who isn’t following the content of the lesson, is there?

So, before you seek out your maths and physics tutor online, find out which syllabus you’re following. The syllabus will contain a list of all of the modules and learning points you’ll be expected to demonstrate come exam time.

This will give you a list of the topics you need to know, and it will also give you a chance to recognise which parts of that syllabus you feel comfortable with, and the elements with which you’re struggling. 

Make a little tick chart – put a tick by the bits you know, and a big, fat cross next to the elements that you don’t.

Have this list when you first meet your new maths or physics tutor online – they need to know where to start, and this will help. At TutorNinjas, we offer a free 15-minute consultation with your chosen tutor to make sure you’re a good fit – so we recommend having this list with you so that you can ask some questions. 

If you can’t find out which syllabus your school is following, don’t worry: your TutorNinjas tutor can find out. They’ll just ask questions instead. 

How does online tutoring work?

In the past, a tutor would come to your house, or you would need to travel to their premises for your one-to-one or small group session. That means that your one-hour consultation could take up to two hours or more out of your day if you need to travel. 

Or, if the tutor travelled to you, they were likely to include an additional fee for their travel time. 

Online tutoring is the ultimate in convenience because it cuts down on travelling and works from any internet-connected device – that could be your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or even your smartphone. 

The TutorNinjas platform is a video-first channel. You can see who you’re talking to, and your tutor will be able to share content on their screen as visual aids to help you learn. 

Learning online can take a little getting used to, but the tutors at TutorNinjas are trained in online delivery, and the experience feels as natural as if you were in the classroom together. 

And no travelling! 

Where to find the best maths and physics tutors online

TutorNinjas hires experts. We interview and vet everyone who teaches through our platform, and we have super-high expectations. 

Remember, TutorNinjas offers a free 15-minute consultation with the tutor of your choice – that way you can discuss your needs and find out if you feel comfortable together. And don’t forget that list!

To find out more, check out our maths and physics tutors, or explore the wide variety of learning experiences that we offer.