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The TutorNinjas Guide to Cooking

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How to refine your cooking skills

Are you busy student who would love to make their favourite dishes from scratch? Or perhaps you just have an interest in the fine art of cookery, and you desperately want to learn different recipes?

Cookingis a vital skill to have no matter what age and will always come in handy wherever you are in the world. From simply boiling an egg to making a Thai green curry TutorNinjas is the perfect platform to help support and guide you with these skills. We have tutors that have valuable experience in cooking at the highest level as well as a guide on different recipes to boost your cooking knowledge and confidence in making them. We have a diverse range of cuisines taught from different countries and cultures.

Don’t fret if you find it difficult, our tutors will provide step by step and easy to follow instructions tailored to your needs.

Some of the basic but essential principles of cooking are:

  • Planning your meals
  • Using your ingredients wisely
  • Don’t be afraid of leftovers

All you will require is a stable broadband connection and a video sharing platform such as the one offered byTutorNinjas.

The camera on your device should be placed at a distance,aimed at what you are doing–that way, the cooking tutor can view your progress as well as hear you.

So go on what are you waiting for, get cooking!

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