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The Tutor Ninjas Guide to Studying

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The Tutor Ninjas Guide to Studying

Are you a busy student with impending coursework deadlines to meet and exams on the way? Or perhaps you are an A level student trying to strike a balance between studying for your exams and filling out your UCAS application? Look no further, TutorNinjas is a platform designed to help connect you to highly experienced tutors that can not only support you in your studies butalso advise you on the best approach to study effectively and cover your course content.

Studying perhaps most importantly, involves the use of time management. It is essential that you balance time on each aspect of your course, so that you focus more on priority areas. This can be done by simply making a to do list before you start revising, which can be used to cross out tasks once you complete them so that you can keep track of your progress and how long you are spending on each subject area.When making notes it is best not to write down everything your lecturer/ textbook says as it could take a lifetime to cover it! Instead focus on selected points and underlining/ highlighting the important ones so they stick with you. Many students are visual learners so it’s a great idea to use flashcards and include pictures.

Ask, ask, ask

Don’t fret if you find topics difficult, our tutors will be at hand to provide their knowledge in your subject area and help you where you need it.Online tutoring not only saves time by not having to travel, but it also gives you the chance to study anywhere you are.Don’t be afraid to ask your tutor or lecturer for help. Recognising when you need help and knowing where to get it from is important

Best time/places to study

Find your perfect study time-this could be early in the morning as soon as you wake up or 3am in a silent library. Being able to study in a comfortable well-lit area is advised to maximise the productivity of your study time. Working in a library is a good place, as you have sources of study material all around you and is a good place to focuswithout distractions. Working in an uncomfortable area can be counterproductive, but also working in an area where you are too comfortable like your bed isn’t a great idea either, as your brain won’t be geared to taking in information.

Finally, keep healthy and learn to relax!

Try to eat healthy and take small but frequent breaks throughout your study time. Ensure to get enough sleep, ideally 8 hours to so that you have energy to focus on your work. Your mental health is also important, especially around exam and assignment times, it can’t be continuous study, so reward yourself once you have completed a hard topic or subject with a walkor a quick chat with friends/ family.

Good luck and enjoy your time studying for your exams!

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