study skills for parents

The Study Skills Guide for Parents

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How To Help Your Child Revise

Are you a worried parent wanting to help your child meet their educational potential?

Tutor Ninjas can help you to give your child a variety of ideas and practical ways to revise ona daily basis. Whether they are studying for school exams, essays or course work, they need to practice and fine tune how best to revise as early as possible, in order for them to succeed and meet their potential.

Your child can and should get into the habit of revising regularly NOW and you will be surprised at the number of ways you can help them. We have a number of highly experienced tutors available that can provide you with interactive and enjoyable yet productive ways in approaching revision. Here are some quick ideas to get you started:

  • Make learning fun. Use quizzes, games and music where you can rather than reading straight off the textbook.
  • Use post-it notes. Write notes and place them around the house such as the fridge, kitchen, bedroom wall etc. this may sound strange however researches have found visual cues are very effective in memory recall, especially if your child is a visual learner.
  • Make a debate/mock podcast. Have some fun and have a discussion/debate with your child on the revision topic amongst the family. This will help to encourage your child to learn different perspectives on a topic and make them see different sides to an argument, especially if it’s a history essay.

Taking part in your child’s education will encourage both yourself and your child to progress and improve in their studies. You can use the Tutor Ninjas platform to book a free session and start studies ASAP!

Download the Tutor Ninjas Parents Study Guide Here