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The Revolution of Home Learning

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We’re seeing sudden, seismic changes in the way we live, work, and play. COVID-19 has arrived and – for the moment, at least – it seems like the only way to survive is to sit it out, stay at home

And home learning 

And while the nation mourns its tragic losses and the economy groans under the strain, there’s something of a shift in our relationship with home. 

It’s like the planet has pushed the pause button. And while our cars sit silently in our driveways or the street, the environment breathes a sigh of relief.  

In the space of a couple of weeks, the majority of us have found ourselves thrust out of the rat race and forced into a more solitary existence. And while we understand (and hope) that this sudden change is only temporary, as a nation, we seem to be finding resolve and solace in some of life’s simpler pleasures. 

And the dawn of the online home learning experience appears to have emerged from the horizon – ready, willing, and equipped to calm, soothe, and heal through education. 

The Ascent of the Online class

As a nation, we love our leisure time – it’s just that, in the past, we haven’t had a lot of it. 

Now, with plenty of extra time on our hands – even if we are working from home – we’re finding a plethora of ways to keep fit, develop our interests, and feed our souls.

And it seems that it’s the lateral thinkers with the real entrepreneurial spirits who are going to survive this very particular financial crisis. 

Yoga teachers and fitness trainers are sharing the studio experience from their living rooms. Established restaurant chains such as Wagamama are sharing their cookery skills. And people are relearning old-school craft skills that had previously gone neglected. 

The Sales Ladder

This isn’t a time to think about profit – you could argue that profit has stripped us of our freedom in the past. Many of these entrepreneurs are offering a lot of these skills-development experiences for free or on a donations basis. They’re finding purpose in this extraordinary international effort: they’re getting online and sharing what they know. 

But at the same time, disposable income (for those lucky enough to have one) is accumulating in bank accounts – and the majority of those who can afford it are very willing to pay either a fee or a donation to develop their skills.

We will get there; together

You could argue that this international crisis couldn’t have come at a better time: we’re connected by the web and have the technology to communicate, to share, to educate each other and to encourage home learning. Could you imagine what this would have been like without that ability to reach out to each other from afar?

And, at TutorNinjas, we’re primed to help people share their skills – and for those who want to use those skills to earn money for it, that capability is there.