surviving university

Surviving University – A Guide

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How to survive university

Starting university can be a very daunting and scary event, especially in these current circumstances. It might feel very overwhelming but don’t worry, TutorNinjas are here to give you a helping hand and ease any concerns you may have.

The first year is all about finding your feet on your own which may seem frightening at first butis essential for building confidence and resilience. Here are some useful tips we made to help you survive the year:

  • Join as many societies/groups as you can during Freshers’ week, even if they virtual. This will encourage you to meet plenty of new people going through the same process as you and also is a fun way to join something you like doing, whether its football, music or even the game of thrones society, you will find like-minded people.
  • Don’t forget that Freshers’ Week isn’t a representation of the whole year, if you don’t want it to be. As much as thepartying is great fun for some, if it’s notto your taste then get involved wherever suits you, and remember that everything will settle down a few weeks in.
  • Learn to cook. (see the TutorNinjas guide to cooking blog to get you on your way!) you’ll save money, and learn new life skills.
  • Find a part time job if you can. This will help youwith your finances for food and accommodation if you’re staying in halls, and also in becoming more independent.
  • Getting into a routine. You’ll discover that a routine during Welcome Week is out of the question –you’ll be too busy having fun, meeting friends and enjoying your new-found freedom to worry about when it’s lunch time! However; it’s important to develop a routine for yourself when things have settled down, as no-one else is going to do it for you and there’ll be much less structure than you’reused to. Develop a work routine, staying on top of the workload is important, because ultimately this is why you are here. Print out your lecture timetable as soon as you get it.

Final words of advice would be to enjoy the year and don’t worry too much as everyone is in the same boat as you!

Download the Tutor Ninjas Surviving University Guide Here