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Get Help With English GCSE or A-level Online

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Get Help With English GCSE or A-level English Online

Are you struggling to keep up with the pace of learning in your English GCSE or A-level classes? Or, perhaps, you’re resitting your GCSE English exam, and you desperately need to pass this time around?

English is one of the most important curriculum-essential subjects, and getting a good grasp of grammatical English and reading comprehension will set you in good stead for your professional career. Out of all of the subjects you learn at school, English is the one you’re going to use every single day for the rest of your life. 

So, learning it right is essential to help boost your future career prospects and to help you appreciate the lifelong joy you can glean from the written word.

In this article, we’re going to examine where to look to get help with your GCSE and A-level English coursework and exams. With the proliferation of online English tutors, we’re going to explore WHY finding the right online tutor can help you achieve your goals more quickly.

Why Would I Choose An Online English Tutor?

There’s nothing particularly new about supplementary tutoring for school learners. For many years, tutors have been helping individual students to excel in their school work. 


The online environment is rapidly becoming the most accessible means of finding a tutor because so many of us have access to the internet and video conferencing platforms. And here at TutorNinjas, we have a sector-leading online learning environment that helps you feel like you’re in the same room as your tutor; even though you’re not. 

Online tutoring offers the ideal social distancing solution for learning. And what’s more: you don’t need to travel to the tutor’s premises for your session. 

Learn from the comfort of your armchair, in an environment where you feel perfectly at home; because you are at home.

How Do I Choose An Appropriate Online English Tutor?

Traditional face-to-face tutoring is expensive and time-consuming because of the travel involved in getting to your tutor. On top of that, tutors have to hire premises to conduct lessons. This all adds to the cost of your tuition. 

Online tutoring, on the other hand, is often more affordable because the infrastructure is far more flexible – bringing learning to you; without the travel.

But how can you tell whether an online tutor is any good or not? English GCSE and A-level are all about communication, after all. How do you know if you’re a good fit for each other?

Free 15-minute consultation

TutorNinjas offers a free 15-minute consultation so that you can discuss your precise learning needs, and the tutor can assess where you need to start. 

The free meeting is super-friendly and designed to put you at ease. And it’s an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions; you’ll quickly get a feel for the way they might be able to help you pass your exams or improve your coursework.

What type of questions will I be asked?

Your free consultation is an opportunity for you to find out about your tutor and for your tutor to find out about which parts of the GCSE or A-level English curriculums you’re struggling with most. 

They’ll ask about your exam board – this will help them understand WHAT you need to know to pass your GCSE or A-level. But if you’re not sure which exam board your school uses, just ask your teacher or college tutor. 

Your TutorNinja will ask you about the elements of the curriculum that you enjoy – and which parts fill you with dread. And they’ll quickly develop a clear picture of how they can help you. 

Understanding Your Learning Style

We all learn in different ways, and your TutorNinja will ask you some questions about your learning style. 

Some people are visual learners; others are kinaesthetic (learning through touch and practicality). Some of us are auditory learners (through sound); others are logical (or mathematical). 

In reality, most of us are a combination of all of those.

You could try this online quiz to determine your own learning style, but – of course – your online tutor will be able to find this out for you. 

How Do I Choose From All Of The Choices?

Since COVID, many one-to-one tutors have gone online, but – at TutorNinjas – we’re digital natives. TutorNinjas is a new company, but we were up and running before the COVID-crisis, making us best equipped to help boost your learning. 

All of our online English tutors are proficient in teaching over video and have been trained to make the most of the online learning environment. 

So, while other tutors are learning to adapt their delivery to online; our experts are already here to help.

Study for English GCSE online with a TutorNinjas Expert

Our online tutors are experts in their field with many years of experience in teaching or professional practice. And we love nothing more than when our learners have that lightbulb moment; seeing the penny finally drop. 

So, if you’re struggling with your GCSE or A-level English coursework or exam preparation, you really don’t need to suffer in silence. We specialise in one-to-one tuition; making every second of the time you spend with your tutor count. 

How is online tutoring better than the classroom?

Classroom learning is fine for most people, but there are always some who get left behind. 

And the ones who get left behind are often the students who don’t feel confident enough to ask questions. Or, maybe, they struggle to concentrate in a noisy classroom environment.

Or sometimes you don’t get on with your teacher, and you don’t want to ask for extra help. 

That might sound familiar.

Online is the solution

Online one-to-one tuition is the perfect antidote to all of those problems. Our online learning environment is designed to maximise the connection between you and your online tutor. The learning works at your pace, and you can ask as many questions as you like until you fully understand and can demonstrate that understanding. 

If you’re struggling with your school or college work, TutorNinjas has the perfect online solution. Why not try our free 15-minute consultation to make sure that you’re comfortable with the person who’s going to help you pass your GCSEs or A-level exams?

A HUGE range of subjects

TutorNinjas offers a massive range of subjects; from the academic subjects you learn at school to vocational skills and hobbyist specialities. 

Check out our full range of learning experiences. We’re ready to help; whether you want to pass your exams, learn to cross-stitch, develop your microphone technique, or learn to create professional mixtapes.