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8 of the Best GCSE Biology Resources

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8 of the Best GCSE Biology Resources

Biology is a fantastic science that helps us understand the incredible workings of the world around us and of life itself. It’s a favourite subject for many, though it is certainly tricky to learn the many terms and expansive concepts required for acing your GCSE Biology syllabus.

Besides engaging with one of our expert Biology TutorNinjas, remember you can always dive into one or more of the many fantastic online Biology resources out there.

They’re a great way to supplement your academic progress, with no shortage to enjoy and great new perspectives that help you approach your studies in a different and highly beneficial way.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through five of our favourite GCSE Biology resources that you can find online and use to enhance your abilities in no time at all.

School Science

School Science has a really useful and understandably popular Biology resource that’s filled to the brim with Biology guidance. There’s links to so many further sources too, so it’s a great place to start your online revision journey.

It’s even got useful career advice for those aiming to take Biology at A-level and University level – so make sure you check that out if you’re a budding scientist in the making.

BBC Bitesize

The BBC’s Bitesize revision platform is a fantastic spot for students of all ages and subjects and has helped support learning for many years. Its GCSE Biology section is no different.

Biology Bitesize covers each of the three main UK exam boards but really, the content is of significant relevance to anyone around the world studying Biology. Just make sure that you select sections that are relevant to your own course content!

Every main Biology topic is covered – from food chains to genetics and evolution – with clear walkthroughs accompanied by engaging end-of-section tests and quizzes to keep you fresh.

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)

The BBSRC has as many valuable resources for GCSE Biology as its full name has syllables!

Check out their resources to discover a wealth of information on all your favourite Biology topics – as well as those you aren’t too keen on.

From genetics to evolution, you’re in good hands when studying online with the BBSRC. And like many of the other resources here, it’s packed with valuable general information on further studies in Biology and the other sciences.

Wellcome Trust

A wonderful resource for the visual learners among us, the Wellcome Trust’s Biology Centre presents keen students with brilliant animations that simplify complex topics such as DNA composition and cell reading.

If you’re tired of text-heavy workbooks then take a break and give the Wellcome Trust a go – your imagination will surely thank you!

Your Genome

If genetics plays a part on your Biology syllabus and is giving you trouble, then Your Genome is a wonderful resource for honing actionable knowledge in this area.

They have an extensive library covering every DNA-related topic – and it’s always growing – so make sure you stop by Your Genome to enhance your grasp on GCSE Genetics.


The Timelines study site is well-known for its incredible academic resources and its Biology section is particularly bountiful. Here you’ll find incredibly interesting topics that go beyond boring facts and immerse you in Biology in life.

Discover the secrets of the spread of smallpox and far more real-life examples that help illuminate the world of Biology for you. Well worth a visit!

Natural History Museum

Have you visited London’s Natural History Museum? If not, you sure should – it’s one of the world’s most amazing collections of natural history. Whether or not a visit is on the cards, their online resource is a wonderful place to stop by.

They have a great evolution resource that guides you through the development of Earth’s species and valuable related topics such as Charles Darwin, natural selection and fossil recording.

An essential visit for any budding Biologist!

Tree of Life

While on the topic of evolution, make sure you stop by the Tree of Life for another fantastic visual representation of the development of life on Earth. It’s a fascinating resource that students love – and can even be enjoyed in tandem with BBC Nature – because resources don’t necessarily have to be focused on the GCSE syllabus to be a valuable addition to your revision.

Explore beyond the bare minimum and you’ll be surprised how quickly your interest grows!

We hope this has given you a great starting point for exploring the incredible range of online GCSE Biology resources that are out there waiting for you.

Is there a resource you know of that you think would benefit others? Let us know and we may feature it in a future blog!

Until next time, wishing you super studying from TutorNinjas.